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Effective Coping Skills and Strategies for Addiction

Effective Coping Skills and Strategies for Addiction

As you’re working your way through your substance abuse treatment plan, you may grow familiar with the triggers that cause you to lapse from recovery. Here we’ll discuss some basic coping mechanisms to help patients stay focused on the journey of recovery.

Coping skills help people handle stressors to prevent substance use and relapse. The goal is to discourage harmful behaviors and replace them with better ones.

Our recovery program in Los Angeles, California promotes these simple yet effective coping strategies for adults and adolescents alike:

  • Writing a journal.
    Don’t internalize your struggle. Get them out on paper. Writing makes for good objective documentation of your progress.
  • Have a social support network or group.
    Participating in one or more support groups gives you the shared benefit of peer-to-peer support.
  • Try mindfulness practices.
    For some, mindfulness strategies like meditation give people momentum to strive for recovery and manage themselves better.
  • Develop your enjoyable hobbies.
    Devoting time and energy to meaningful activities like sports, crafting, reading, gardening, etc. can force you out of destructive cycles of behavior, giving direction and satisfaction in better routines.
  • Eating healthy and exercising daily.
    Finally, eating nutritious meals, staying hydrated, and having enough sleep should be the foundation of all the mentioned strategies.

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