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Factors That Aggravate an Addiction

Factors That Aggravate an Addiction

Robin Williams said in a TV special that an alcoholic is someone who will violate his standards quicker than he can lower them. It’s a poignant observation from someone who underwent substance abuse treatment.

A creative way to get people to know the real nature of addiction, and the factors that worsen it, is through some songs.

  • Peers. Oh, how often does it start at parties. Ever heard the song Your Glass House? Come and party with them. It’s okay. They’ll take care of you when you’re passed out.
  • Stress and Anxiety. Relationships that come crashing down can be a trigger for alcoholism. Whiskey Lullaby is a song that captures this well. The “character” in the song spent his whole life trying to forget. He may drink his pain away a little at a time, but getting intoxicated never helps.
  • Family Life. Walk a Little Straighter is a song that tackles how alcohol abuse can severely affect family life. While it is not transmittable, it can influence others, especially the young and impressionable.
  • Culture. Californication speaks volumes. Pop culture often glorifies behaviors like alcohol abuse. A drink-topping lifestyle ought to end by joining a recovery program in Los Angeles, California.
  • Destitution. The A Team depicts the harrowing story of what it’s like to struggle with rent, and how depression and desperation from this and other problems often encourages alcohol abuse victims to start the habit.

If you find yourself relating to these songs, you may need help to deal with your condition. Fortunately, help is available. New Hope Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program, Inc. is a drug treatment center in California that’s here to tell that you are not alone. Let us help you.

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