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How Can Case Management Promote Recovery?

How Can Case Management Promote Recovery?

Substance abuse treatment is often connected to therapy sessions, for the client themselves and their family members. Yet another service is important in promoting sobriety is case management.

How can it help substance abuse victims? Figure the answer to these questions and more by reading below.

  • It connects clients and families to helpful resources.
    Substance abuse victims need all the support that they can get to strengthen their resolve as they take the road toward sobriety. These resources can advocate their wellness and educate them about the ways they can deal with withdrawal and resist the urge to take the object of their addiction.
  • It helps families understand their loved ones’ condition and needs.
    Case managers are professionals who not only provide services on the substance abuse victim but to their loved ones as well. These professionals help family members understand and prepare for the changes and adjustments they need to make to support their loved ones.
  • It promotes care coordination.
    Striving for sobriety does not end within the four walls of a drug treatment center. It is a full-time commitment. Thus, effective communication fostered by case managers among the individuals who are undergoing treatment, their loved ones, and their therapists is vital.

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