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How Can Family Members Assist in Addiction Recovery?


Every member of the family suffers as a result of addiction, and family support during the person’s substance abuse treatment can be crucial. True healing cannot begin until each family member understands how to work together, which can make it difficult for family members to know how to support a loved one who is recovering.

The healing process should involve the entire family. The right kind of support and a compassionate program can go a long way toward assisting families in their rehabilitation. As a provider of a recovery program in Los Angeles, California, here are some ways how each family member can contribute to the drug addiction recovery of their loved one:

  • Encourage them to explore a new hobby:
    This will allow them to focus on what they are enthusiastic about while diverting their attention (sports, arts, music, etc.).
  • Peer support groups:
    Your loved one may be hesitant to join a peer support group, but with your help, they may be more likely to do so and get support from others who are going through similar difficulties.
  • Assist your loved one in adhering to their treatment plan:
    Your loved one may be more likely to follow treatment recommendations if their family is involved.
  • Inspire them to completely abstain from drugs:
    Complete abstinence from drugs is challenging for persons in recovery, especially when they feel alone in the process. Long-term abstinence can be aided by family participation.

Here at New Hope Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program, Inc., we work with the family in our drug treatment center in California to help their loved ones. To know more, contact us today.

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