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How You Respond After a Relapse Is Important

How You Respond After a Relapse Is Important

A lot of people who went back to drugs after going through substance abuse treatment feel a sense of failure. Because that feeling can easily set in, they often give up on the idea of getting their life back. However, it is important to know that relapse can still happen after a period of sobriety. That doesn’t mean that one is a failure.

It is helpful to understand that not only does relapse happen, but it is also quite common. Some situations, especially the stressful kind, can trigger a person to go back to how he or she was before.

According to a specialist from a drug treatment center in California, experiencing a relapse is considered a part of the healing process from addiction. It depends on how the person will respond to it.

If you relapse at some point, learning to forgive yourself can help you move forward in your journey to a full recovery. With the right guidance from our recovery program in Los Angeles, California, we can help you learn more about yourself and how you can avoid a relapse.

If you need guidance throughout your recovery process, please feel welcome to reach out to New Hope Drug& Alcohol Treatment Program, Inc.

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