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No Cocktails at the Cocktail Party

No Cocktails at the Cocktail Party

A common struggle for patients who just got out of Substance Abuse Treatment is how to manage their sobriety when they’re out in society — like a business cocktail party.

We aren’t suggesting that you miss out on all the fun. But if you’re in the early stages of recovery, it’s best to stay away from social situations that will involve alcohol and drugs. These environments can expose you to factors that may trigger cravings and put you at risk of relapse.

If such social interactions are unavoidable, however, there are some things you can do to avoid falling off the wagon.

  • Have an honest talk about your Recovery Program in Los Angeles, California with your friends. Let them know how they can help and what changes they can make to your usual hangout sessions to make it more accessible to you while you’re recovering.
  • Prepare yourself for other people’s reactions. There will be friends who are totally on-board with your decision, but others may feel indifferent or even react in a negative way. It’s best to know what to expect so you’ll know who you can cope with.
  • Propose that you go somewhere that doesn’t serve alcohol, such as coffee shops, movie theaters, museums, fast food restaurants — there are tons to choose from.

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