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Reasons Why Young Adults Face Substance Abuse

Reasons Why Young Adults Face Substance Abuse

Drug abuse can affect anyone. From seniors to children, the effects of addiction can be detrimental to anyone who indulges in it. Drugs are beneficial to our health when used correctly, but abusing it every day can lead to unwanted changes in our physical and mental health, especially in young adults.

Young adults are the epitome of the bridge between adulthood and childhood. Their development is raging at this point in their lives, and their curiosities are limitless. They are faced with the reality of going into adulthood and leaving their carefree lives behind. This often pressures them into what the future holds and what they can do to achieve that. And with all of the pent-up anxieties, they often seek the comfort of substance abuse and alcoholism.

Aside from the pressure they face, here are other reasons why they face substance abuse.

  • The promise of pleasure.
  • An urge to experiment.
  • Rebellion against their families, school, or society.
  • Mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, and sometimes low self-esteem.

Without the proper intervention of substance abuse treatment, this detrimental activity can lead to the following changes:

  • Brain damage.
  • Long-term behavioral and health risk.
  • Social development risks.

If your loved one is facing this kind of challenge in his or her life, do not hesitate to reach out to them to help. Allowing them to recover will greatly benefit them in the long-run. Letting them join a recovery program in Los Angeles, California, can be your stepping stone for their treatment.

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