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Staying Active Helps with Curbing Addiction


It’s true. Your daily dose of exercise can help you avoid the deadly grasp of addiction. Staying active is very important, especially if you are recovering and staying sober for as long as you can. Substance abuse treatment often includes exercise or any activity to help keep your mind off of using again.

So, how does exercise help people in recovery from addiction?

According to a study by Harvard Health that observes opioid-dependent rats, regular swimming reduces voluntary morphine consumption. Access to an exercise wheel was also shown to reduce self-administration of cocaine in rats dependent on the drug.

Medical experts from Harvard also shared that many of their patients with various substance use disorders have also found that exercise helps to distract them from cravings. It is further solidified that workout routines help build structure in daily life. This structure aided in giving people support groups by forming positive social connections and helping treat depression and anxiety in combination with other therapies.

Aside from exercise, another way of preventing relapse is by working with a drug treatment center in California that understands your inner turmoil. We know that dealing with and trying to heal from addiction is challenging. As such, we will make it a point to cater to your needs as much as possible, including giving you a care plan to accelerate your sobriety.

New Hope Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program, Inc. is a recovery program in Los Angeles, California, that offers a full complement of treatment options to each client’s personal needs. Should you or a loved one need help, feel free to send us a message anytime or visit us using the location indicated below.

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