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Why Do Some Hesitate to Seek Help with Substance Abuse Issues?


Many may not be aware of it, but being addicted to certain substances is a health concern. It is listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as Substance Abuse Disorder. But because many of the substances that people are addicted to are illegal, the health problem is vastly overshadowed by its legal side.

Since it is a health problem, treatment exists for drug addiction. But many people might hesitate in getting help. As a drug treatment center in California, we want people to know that help is available to them. Let’s shed light on some reasons why people hesitate to get help.

  • Not Knowing Where to Go

    Some people may simply not know where they can go for substance abuse treatment. This type of help may not be openly available to people. If they do not know where to go for help, they cannot start the process of healing.

  • Afraid to be Indicted

    Some people may recognize that this is a health problem and they can get for it. However, the factor that stops them from getting help is fear. They might be afraid of the legal ramifications that come with their involvement in illegal substances.

  • Not Ready to Stop

    Other people who are suffering from this disorder are simply not ready to stop using these substances. The entire process will never be easy. Once a person is exposed to this world, they may find out hard to get out.

Let us help you towards the journey of healing. You can contact us here at New Hope Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program, Inc. We offer a recovery program in Los Angeles, California, that wants to help you be your best self.

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