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How to Recognize an Addiction Problem

How to Recognize an Addiction Problem

Addiction is a chronic condition that affects several brain functions due to substance overdose. However, according to a study, the definition of addiction can extend to the dependence on alcohol, tobacco, medication, gambling, video games, shopping, sex, working, and social media. If you notice your loved ones overusing any of the mentioned factors, seek immediate help from a recovery program in Los Angeles, California.

The following are the initial signs of potential addiction issues. If neglected, these may develop into a full-blown addiction or debilitating habits.

  • Addiction in family history
  • Partial social withdrawal
  • Experimentation
  • Little to no remorse over a sad event

A drug treatment center in California can help if your family member or loved one shows any of the mentioned signs. If left untreated, they can suffer from adverse effects in terms of:

  • Personality Changes
    Individuals with addiction problems may exhibit behavioral changes, especially if they go past the initial stage of addiction. Noticeable personality changes include lack of interest in activities they used to enjoy, missing work obligations, neglecting personal relationships, changes in sleep patterns, and becoming more secretive.
  • Mood Changes
    Addiction comes with emotional and mental consequences, such as apathy, irritability, aggressiveness, depression, or suicidal thoughts.
  • Physical Changes
    People with addiction problems are more likely to suffer from health decline. As such, their physical and other bodily functions get affected. These physical changes include unexplained injuries or bruises, weight loss, glazed eyes, memory loss, slurred speech, bad skin, teeth, nails, and hair, and withdrawal symptoms.

Don’t let your loved ones develop adverse consequences. Take advantage of our substance abuse treatment program at New Hope Drug& Alcohol Treatment Program, Inc. We will guide them throughout their recovery journey every step of the way.

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