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Long-Term Consequences of Addiction

 Long-Term Consequences of Addiction

Addiction can pose detrimental effects to a person’s well-being. And as the problem grows, someone with addiction issues will suffer from more serious effects. What’s worse: if you confront them about their activity, they might find ways to justify their behavior so they can continue their substance use.

Unfortunately, the consequences of addiction can last for a lifetime if unresolved. Hence, our recovery program in Los Angeles, California, aims to help individuals with addiction problems regain their quality of living and prevent long-term effects, such as:

  • Acquiring Infectious Diseases.

    Especially when sharing needles, a person with addiction problems may get infected with non-curable diseases like HIV/AIDS. And no drug treatment center in California or any other places can remediate such incurable illnesses.

  • Damaging Relationships.

    People with addiction issues have a higher risk of getting divorced. Not only can they get separated from their spouses, but they might also lose their closest friends, leading them to a more depressed state of living.

  • Getting Jailed.

    To sustain their wrongdoings, individuals with substance abuse disorder may commit crimes, such as robbery, and other horrendous activities. And once they get arrested and jailed, their life is over.

  • Loss of Job and Parental Rights.

    No family court wishes to place children under the supervision of a substance abusive parent. And no business wants a person with drug addiction issues in its team.

  • Dropping Out of School.

    Most likely, drug dependents drop out of school, which may affect their career path. In the modern world, the level of education one attains determines the future of that person. And for those with addiction problems, they may have missed a significant aspect of their lives.

Drug dependence is a serious issue everyone should delve into and find solutions. And with our substance abuse treatment program, New Hope Drug& Alcohol Treatment Program, Inc. aims to help drug dependents restore their lives and find light during their dark times.

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