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Strategies to Stay Connected While Socially Distancing

Strategies to Stay Connected While Socially Distancing

Being distant from our friends and other support systems in the time of coronavirus can be difficult especially to someone who suffers from addiction. Social isolation can be sly and can likely switch to their addiction.

However, it is important to support them by letting them know that there can be ways to help them in one of the recovery programs in Los Angeles, California.

  • Encourage to Stay Connected
    Staying at home can have ways to remain in regular contact with family, friends, and your recovery community. Either reaching out or video chatting is great to stay connected – it provides a voice at the end of the line instead of viewing texts. It can be a great part of their recovery if they hear support from a drug treatment center in California.
  • Consume Healthy Foods
    Make a healthy lifestyle part of your routine. Either you can have a brisk walk or opt to eat healthier foods. You might also want to stick to foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Help yourself with staying healthy as you go through substance abuse treatment.
  • Try to Attend Counseling Sessions
    It might not be advisable to be in a group but you can still reach out to one of your recovery specialists. Part of them is also concerned as you go to recovery and it can be an opportunity to hear from your recovery updates.

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