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Teen Addiction: A Serious Case We Should Never Neglect

Teen Addiction: A Serious Case We Should Never Neglect

Adolescence is a great foundation to develop the essential skills necessary for adulthood. Hence, education at this stage must be tailored to develop teens’ real-life skills. But, what if a teenager starts to use drugs and alcohol?

According to the Center on Addiction Organization, young adults and adolescents are more likely to use drugs, smoke, or drink alcohol. Meanwhile, the Addiction Center says that half of all drug users are below 18 years old. These statistical data should encourage authorities to take proper action to address teenage substance abuse. As a private institution, New Hope Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program, Inc. offers a substance abuse treatment program for individuals with drug and alcohol addiction, regardless of age.

Several studies have suggested potential reasons why some teens engage in such activities. A Harvard article describes the biological aspects that lead some adolescents to take risks. It suggests that key parts of the brain involved with decision-making are not yet fully developed in adolescence. This makes them prone to making risky decisions, like abusing substances such as alcohol and illicit drugs.

Fortunately, teenagers engaged in substance abuse can receive help through a recovery program in Los Angeles, California.

As a parent, there are ways to address this problem. Sharon Levy and Siva Sundaram from Harvard University share some ideas on how you can talk to your kids about drug and alcohol use.

  • Ask and listen, but don’t lecture.
  • If they confirm that they abuse substances, explore the reasons.
  • Make your house rules clear, but assure them that you will support them in their path to recovery.
  • Know your family history of substance use.
  • Know when and how to intervene.

If you find out your child has substance abuse disorder, seek help from a drug treatment center in California. We are ready to help. Call us now.

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