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What’s Holding You Back? Reasons Why People Refuse Help

What’s Holding You Back? Reasons Why People Refuse Help

According to statistics from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, only 2.5 million out of 22.7 million individuals who need substance abuse treatment seek help from specialized facilities. This means a qualified majority of individuals are not receiving the help they need.
In our recovery program in Los Angeles, California, we try our best to encourage individuals with substance abuse problems to seek help. However, despite these encouragements, a lot of those suffering may still reject help due to the following reasons:

  • Substances have become their coping mechanism.

    For the longest time, substances have become the biggest source of relief for someone suffering from substance abuse. As such, whenever someone tries to make them face their problem of substance addiction, they tend to shy away from help altogether. 

  • They are afraid of treatment.

    They are not afraid of treatment in the sense that they do not wish to get better, rather, they are afraid of the implications of treatment. Once they commit themselves to a drug treatment center in California, they will need to have the courage and determination to complete the entire detoxification process. Other than that, they may also fear their failure in completing the treatment process.

  • They are ashamed of admitting their substance abuse problem.

    Submitting to the care of a treatment or rehabilitation center is an admission of their problem of substance abuse. As such, some people are afraid of judgment once they seek help. People might react negatively to knowing that someone is suffering from substance addiction. Because of this, some just avoid help altogether. 

If you know someone who is suffering from substance abuse, please encourage them by telling them there is nothing wrong with seeking help. If they aren’t getting the treatment they need, refer them to us at New Hope Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program, Inc. We would love to offer our help.

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