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Is Your Loved One Struggling with Drug Addiction?

Is Your Loved One Struggling with Drug Addiction?

Recognizing the signs of addiction will help you take a closer look at a potential problem and provide help to your loved ones as early as possible. Most individuals struggling with addiction may find it hard to admit that they have a problem. That’s why you need to acknowledge the signs, seek professional help, and facilitate the steps to help them journey to recovery.

  • Changes in sleeping/eating patterns
    If you notice that your loved ones start to skip meals or don’t eat for long periods frequently or if they tend to sleep all day but stay awake for a couple of days or more, these can be warning signs that they have begun to suffer from either drug or alcohol active addiction.
  • Borrows strange amounts of money
    If your loved ones suddenly need varying amounts of money frequently, this is a big indication that they may be struggling with addiction. Notice that if they are constantly requesting money transfers and mysteriously cover the cost of transaction fees. Consult an expert from a drug treatment center in California to help you shed light on your doubts.
  • Sudden physical changes
    People who are consumed with drugs or alcohol will inevitably display physical changes. While heavy drugs cause a drastic loss of weight, heavy alcohol dependence may cause swollen faces, red eyes, and weight gain. If your loved ones are displaying these changes, a substance abuse treatment will help them get back into their regular shape.

New Hope Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program, Inc. offers a recovery program in Los Angeles, California to guide you throughout the recovery process so you can overcome addiction and have your life back. For more information about how we can help, reach us at 323-750-2850 today.

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