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What Causes Substance Abuse Problems in Teens?

What Causes Substance Abuse Problems in Teens?

Teenage years are one of the most difficult. Teenagers are often bombarded with the pressures of maintaining good grades and social life while figuring out what they want to do as adults. Hence, it’s not uncommon for teens to struggle with day-to-day challenges.

While there is no universal reason why teenagers start using substances, there are common issues and influences behind it. As a drug treatment center in California, we will discuss the common causes of substance abuse problems among teens:

  • Escapism and self-medication
    Unhappy teens often resort to alcohol or drugs when they can’t find a healthy outlet for their frustrations. The teenage years can take an emotional toll on teens, which can lead to depression. Hence, many turn to substances to cope with social, academic, or emotional stress.
  • Popular media
    Today, a lot of popular media depict drugs and alcohol abuse as normal and acceptable behavior. Many movies, TV shows, and songs by popular artists and celebrities candidly discuss substance use which can influence impressionable teens— however, not many talk about substance abuse treatment and the effects of substance abuse on behavior.
  • Other people’s influence
    When teens are surrounded by people who consume various substances, chances are, they may do the same. If they see the adults around them drinking or engaging in a social scene that revolves around substance use, they may start trying consuming substances as well since it’s readily available and a normalized behavior.

Seek professional help
If your teen is exhibiting signs of substance abuse, reach out to New Hope Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program, Inc. We offer several recovery programs and treatment options. Browse our site or call us to learn more about our recovery program in Los Angeles, California.

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